These photos were taken in mid-October 2016, mostly in the Tuscany area of Italy, south and southwest of Florence (or Firenze, if you prefer  ;-) Volume I was the first week, Volume II the second week. Headquarters was Villa Tavernaccia near San Casciano Val di Pesa, a hilltop villa with beautiful views to the south, southeast, and west.  

Sometime in the near future I will be painting from some of these, but I would welcome painting commissions from these photos, if so desired.   However, photos can certainly be purchased as well.   Please contact me for commissions or  photo purchases.   In any case, please enjoy looking.......

Bill Turner


                                   Here is a general quideline for photo prices:

      size                photo paper              watercolor paper              canvas


8x10                         $45                               $50                                $65


11x14                         $65                              $80                               $95


16x20                        $120                             $135                               $175


 22x28                        $175                             $195                               $245



         Please note that these prices are for the photo only with no matting or mounting included.  Shipping is also not included in price.

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